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Welcome to EBL Racing, Home of Rider 56, Edward Briscoe


Latest News


June 2012

This month has been all about training and focusing on fitness for Edward, we have been very dissapointed about the AMCA events getting cancelled due to the bad weather but it gave us the opportunity to spend that time practicing, testing, working on techniques, speed and bike setup. We are looking forward to the last round of the British Masters next month which is being held at Foxhills, this is going to be an exciting weekend for Edward to prove he deserves to be up there in points.

May 2012

This month was looking like a good month for Edward because it was the 3rd round of the British Masters to be held at Whitby, this is one of Edwards favourite tracks. However because it was cancelled due to bad weather he went and competed in the first round of the Redbull at Landrake and achieved 16th overall in the 250 class, this was a very good experience for Edward because it was a race full of talent which can only bring out the best in Edward while he was battling for positions. This month we have had a few weekends off from championships which has allowed us to concentrate on training, fitness and bike setup. Next month we are looking forward to the next round of the British Masters at Hawkstone and also the first round of the AMCA championship to be held at Long Lane.

April 2012

Started this month off with the second round of the British Masters, which was held at Foxhills MX Track where Edward came 5th overall in the Mx2 on the weekend, this now places him 3rd in the Championship. Edward also entered the Pro Class and was happy with his speed, battling with the top riders but unfortunatley had a few collisions which led to bike trouble, we were very fortunate to have Rob Hooper and the team to help Edward at the side of the track and without their intervention Edward would have undoubtedly had a DNF. Frustrating weekend for Edward as he convincingly had the fastest lap times in the races. Dissappointed with the news that the first round of the Red Bull at Landrake had been cancelled due to poor weather, because Edward has been testing and training very hard for this upcoming race.

March 2012

Edward is fully used to his new Suzuki's and has been progressing really well on them since he received them a month ago. This month started off with the first round of the British Masters at Mallory Park where Edward achieved 2nd overall. From now on Edward will be arriving at racing in his new camper from RS, which we are all really excited about. Edward also raced at Norley last week and again achieved 2nd overall. Edward is continuing to train hard throughout the week and is looking forward to the second round of Masters this weekend at Foxhills.

February 2012

Started the month with the big change to KAIS Suzuki, practicing hard getting used to the bike, felt comfortable straight away. I am very happy with the change and looking forward to the rest of the year on it. First race on the suzuki went really well at the last round of the Supercross in the LG Arena Birmingham, riding really well and mixing it up in the Pro classes. Looking forward to the first round of the Masters at Mallory Park.

January 2012

First race back from being at Millsaps Training Facility in the USA and Edward entered the AMX winter series first round which was held at Fatcats Mx Track in Doncaster, he won all three races making it a clean sweep for the weekend enjoying the races. Edward has been continuing to train hard with friends Sam, Matty and Paul, all coached by Danny Tollet. Danny is extremely impressed with the way Edward is training and riding.

December 2011

Edward is back from the Millsaps Training Facility. Edward entered the 40th annual winter olympics at Gatorback cycle park in Florida. He came 5th in the Supercross at Mini O's, his best results were in the 4 stroke championship. He is looking forward to riding/competing back in England but dissapointed with the news that Wembly stadium is cancelled but he is entered into the last round of the Supercross which will be at the new arena the NEC Birmingham.

November 2011

Edward is continuing to train hard over in America and entered a local race called the Gold Cup Series of which he finished 3rd overall. With a lot of hard work in the gym at MTF, Edward has got his name on the training boards. Continuing to impress the Millsaps trainers with his strength.